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The department is responsible for the coordination of NiCFoST activities regarding education and training of personnel. Pursuant to this, the department coordinates the accreditation/re-accreditation of FST programmes in Nigerian tertiary institutions and ancillary institutions, coordinates the Foreign FST Graduates Orientation Programme among others. The Department is also responsible for organizing National Professional Examinations for FST.


  1. University Education/Internship Training Division
  2. Continuing Education for License Renewals /Finishing School for Fresh Graduates /Licentiates Division

Other Functions include:

  • Partner with NUC (for universities) and NBTE (for Polytechnics and Monotechnics) for accreditation of Food Science and Technology programmes and its variant disciplines (Food Technology, Food Science, Food Science & Nutrition, Food Science and Biotechnology, Brewing Science & Technology, Brewing & Beverage Technology etc.)
  • To develop appropriate training programmes e.g., workshops, seminars, webinars, short courses etc. for updating the knowledge base of registered Food Scientists and Technologists and as a prerequisite for the renewal of the Annual Practice Licence. Also, for training programmes that will prequalify applicants for new registration.
  • To coordinate the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) of NiCFoST and award appropriate scores for registered Food Scientists and Technologists applying for renewal of their Annual Practice Licence.
  • To ensure the establishment and management of finishing school for training of Food Scientists and Technologists in hands-on practise aspects of Food Science and Technology.
  • To verify degree certificates awarded by foreign institutions and confirmation of their Nigerian equivalent through the Federal Ministry of Education.
  • Liaise with the Food Science and Technology Practice Department to identify gaps in various areas of the profession and recommend (backed by advocacy measures) such gaps to various areas for research and intensification of studies to develop local competences.
  • Develop programmes and activities that will regularly upgrade the knowledge base of Food Scientists and Technologists in Nigeria.
  • Manage the library (Electronic and Physical) of NiCFoST.
  • Liaise with the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST) for the regular transmission of the updated register of NIFST members or clearance from NIFST of those that qualify to be enrolled in the NiCFoST.
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