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NiCFoST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are you practicing as a Food Professional?

You need an Annual Practice Licence to practise.

Apply for it after your registration as Certified Food Scientist of Nigeria (CFSN).

Be sure to write your name correctly because that is how it will appear on the certificate’.

Q2. What Certificates Can Be Obtained from NiCFoST?

There are three (3) certificates issued by NiCFoST;

  • Certificate of Registration as Certified Food Scientist of Nigeria (CFSN) and the registration is a one-off for life.
  • Annual Practice Licence to Food Professionals and renewable annually.
  • Food Business Premises Licence and renewable annually. (Companies will be required to use the Licence of the Lead Food Professional to obtain this Premises Licence).

Q3. What Does Being a Certified Food Scientist of Nigeria Imply?

To become a Certified Food Scientist of Nigeria (CFSN), it means you have fulfilled the following conditions.

  1. You must have been trained in Food Science and Technology or its variants Disciplines such as Food Technology, Food Science, Food Science & Nutrition, Food Science and Biotechnology, Brewing Science & Technology, Brewing & Beverage Technology etc. from approved tertiary institution.
  2. Be a professional member or fellow of NIFST 
  3. Must have completed your enrolment/registration in NiCFoST.  

After the CFSN status and you intend to practice in areas where food scientific knowledge and skills is required in Nigeria (Government, Academia, Industry, Research etc), you will proceed to obtain an Annual Practice Licence which is renewable annually subject to Mandatory Continuous Professional Development (which will take into account, the background and age of membership in NIFST).

Q4. Who is Eligible to Apply for CFSN?

Those eligible to apply for NiCFoST registration as CFSN: 

a. Those already members of NIFST whose names are found in the register of NIFST six months after the NiCFoST (Establishment) Act, 2019 became operational. 

b. Holders of B.Sc, B.Tech, HND in Food Science and Technology or any of its variant Disciplines who are Professional Members and Fellows of NIFST. Examples of variant Disciplines are:

  • Brewing Science and Technology
  • Brewing and Beverage Technology
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Food Science and Biotechnology
  • Food Science
  • Food Technology
  • Cereal Science and Technology
  • Dairy Science and Technology etc

c. Holders of B.Sc, B.Tech, HND in the related Disciplines of Food Science and Technology (e.g. Biochemistry, Microbiology, Agric Engineering etc.) in addition to PGD or OND in Food Science and Technology, who are Professional Members and Fellows of NIFST.

Q5.  What are the Required Documents for Filling the Form for Enrolment/Registration as Certified Food Scientist of Nigeria (CFSN)?

The required document include;

a) Degree certificates or HND or OND
b) NIFST professional membership Certificate
c) Passport Photograph

All scanned in jpeg format.

Q6. What does Charter Imply?

Charter implies that NIFST members can now be registered as Certified Food Scientist of Nigeria and add the initials ‘CFSN’ after their names, licensed to practise in Nigeria under legal protection. Also, to provide professional services competently while taking responsibility in areas where food scientific skills are required and contribute to National food security.

Q7. What Professional Practice Means?

It refers to the conduct and work of someone from a particular profession. Professions are occupations that require a prolonged period of education and training and often overseen by legally constituted bodies who may accredit educational establishments and qualified professionals.

Therefore, to practice professionally, the Food Professional is expected to have been trained in the field and to demonstrate competence in the application of food scientific skills where it is needed and can be held responsible when he/she fails to perform optimally within the expected competence.

Q8. How Can I verify the Authenticity of the Annual Practising Licence of a Food Professional?

To verify the Annual Practising Licence of a practising Food Professional, follow the steps;

a) Visit the NiCFoST Official Website (
b) From the top menu, select NiCFoST Portal
c) Select CFSN Directory
d) Then click on Verify License

Q9. What is the Relationship Between NiCFoST and NIFST?

NIFST is the National Professional Body of Food Scientists and Technologists in Nigeria while NiCFoST is a Government Council for the regulation of the practice and profession of Food Science and Technology in Nigeria.

Q10. What is NiCFoST doing differently from NAFDAC in their regulatory functions?

NiCFoST has the mandate to regulate the practice and profession of food science and technology, while NAFDAC regulates the packaged food products in Nigeria.

Q11. Is there Duplication of Functions of NiCFoST in NAFDAC and SON Functions with respect to Food Facilities’ Inspection?

It is an overlap of functions. However, the overlap of functions is inevitable considering different roles of the Government Institutions in inspection of food facilities. 

All the three Institutions (NAFDAC, SON and NiCFoST) have mandates to inspect food facilities. While NAFDAC and SON regulate pre-packaged foods, NiCFoST regulates the Food Professionals who are human beings. Each Institution has specific functions.

It is to be noted that food business goes beyond the manufacture of pre-packaged foods. NiCFoST mandate goes beyond food business facilities that manufacture pre-packaged foods but include competent management of facilities and personnels involved in preparing or producing bulk food or its products or food raw materials that are not regulated especially those with high distribution impact.  

Q12. Where is NiCFoST Office Located in Abuja?

Office Address:   
Some of NiCFoST’s Departments and Units are currently in the newly acquired Database Management Centre at No. 11 Dire Dawa Street, Off Rabat Street, Off Zuwais Street, Wuse Zone 6, Abuja.

While other Departments and Units are still in Phase II Federal Secretariat Complex, 6th Floor, Block C, Abuja.

Q13. How can I contact NiCFoST for general assistance or clarification?

For complaints and clarification, use any of the following; 

Office Address: Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology   Federal Secretariat Complex, Phase II, Central Area, Abuja, FCT.


NiCFoST Database Management Centre, No. 11 Dire Dawa Street, Wuse Zone 6, FCT, Abuja.

Phone No: +234 (0) 704 803 3367
OR, Fill our Complaint Form

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