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The Food Science and Technology Department coordinates continuing education programmes for Food Science and Technology. It organizes accreditation and other related activities for registration and licensing in liaison with relevant departments, Zonal and State offices, among other responsibilities.


  1. Practice Division
  2. Continuing Professional Development Division
 Other Functions include:
  • Determination of the scope of practise (areas where Food Scientists and Technologists can be employed to work) of the registered and licenced Food Scientist and Technologist.
  • Evaluate and determine the conditions of service, rewards, remuneration and compensation for the registered and licenced Food Scientist and Technologist in various places of employment.
  • Determine and manage the skills and experience gaps in the practice of registered and licenced Food Scientists and Technologists.
  • Coordinate entrepreneurial, business and start-ups development for Food Scientists and Technologists.
  • Coordinate the Academia/Research linkage to the industry and government.
  • Coordinate and promote the development of technology services and innovation platforms, trends, and new technologies for advancing the practice of the Food Science and Technology profession.
  • Coordination of marketing and consumer issues that require food scientific knowledge.
  • Coordination of the development and harnessing diaspora competences and promote experience sharing locally.
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