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Mandate and Functions of Nigerian Council of Food Science and Technology (NiCFoST)


The Nigerian Council of Food Science and Technology was established by the Establishment Act 2019 and is mandated to regulate the practice and profession of Food Science and Technology in Nigeria.



  • Determine the standards of knowledge, exposure to equipment, practice and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the profession of Food Science and Technology (in the Act referred to as “Food Profession”) and to be registered, and review those standards as circumstances may require,
  • Promote the highest standards of competence practice and conduct among the members of the Food profession,
  • Secure, in accordance with the provision of the Act, the establishment and maintenance of a register of persons entitled to practice the Food Profession, the registration of the premises used for that purpose and the publication, of the lists of the persons and premises so registered,
  • Determine the minimum scale of professional fees for members of the Food Profession and review such scale, as circumstances may require,
  • Coordinate, regulate, facilitate and promote the development of the discipline and practice of food profession in Nigeria,
  • Collaborate with relevant national and international governmental and non-government agencies,
  • Responsible for the discipline, promotion, and determination of the terms and conditions of service of the employees; and
  • Perform other functions as are necessary for attaining the objectives of the Act.
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