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The department coordinates inspection and monitoring activities regarding all categories of food premises where Food Science and Technology professionals work, including importation outlets, distribution outlets, wholesale, retail to ensure compliance with established standards of practice.


  1. Inspection Division 
  2. Monitoring Division
  3. Enforcement Division
  4. Surveillance and Investigation Division 
Other Functions include:
  • Carry out inspection of food business premises to determine their size and suitability of the location for the practice of Food Science and Technology profession and all other inspection activities related to food business premises.
  • Monitor the conduct of registered Food Scientists and Technologists in their various areas of practise and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Conduct investigation on issues of professional conduct by registered Food Scientists and Technologists and by food business operators as it affects the practice of the Food Science and Technology profession.
  • Coordinate the operations for curbing the employment of unqualified persons for the positions where Food Scientists and Technologists are supposed to be employed (including the employment of unregistered Food Scientists and Technologists).
  • Continuously monitor the improper practices by food business operators, wrong use and adoption of technologies, raw materials, and ingredients in all kinds of food operations, food fraud that requires food scientific skills to curb all unprofessional food related practices.
  • Enforcement of NiCFoST regulatory guidelines for the practice of Food Science and Technology by employers of Food Scientists and Technologists. 
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